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Never thought it would happen again...!!

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I've thought of restoring for awhile now, but didn't have the time or money to do it back then. Do to suddenly having to rent my own room/house, and then moving across the country. But recently I've finally had some time, I was going to devote it to something else but then remembered my love for websites.

Started out a cat blog 1st (which reminded me how fun it was to make websites). After that I started going through my old hard-drives and saw lots of data/images and it bought up soo many nostalgic memories of the past communities and great members. I really wanted to meet everyone of them all over again, and see how they are doing with their life. Never did I imagine that it would happen.

Without thinking much, I just went ahead and restored RealityDesu since I hosting space left over. To my surprised, after just a few hours of restoring and sending out an e-mail. many people returned to the site, and more memories came up. I always thought to restore the community, never had I thought it could really happen. And after seeing everyone came, it changed my mind that something was precious shouldn't be just left as a memory but put into action once again. ^^

And here is again... yet another community. *Here a toast to a community that will last a lifetime.*

-Kazeari aka Robo
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  1. Neco-Arc Chaos's Avatar
    Kippis! Toast for the new kingdom.
  2. CoRLegacy's Avatar
    99 bottles of toast on the wall 99 bottles of toast take one down pass it around 98 bottles of toast on the wall.

    Toast to the new community of extraordinary lurkers!
  3. The_Saamun's Avatar
    May our new empire never fall!
  4. TOSHiiRO's Avatar
    To the new shiny empire of Cats and Anime and randomness~!
  5. Tiger's Avatar
    The power of our will shall strenghten us in our journey through a whole new, yet known universe.
  6. Davis_IIII's Avatar
    Hear hear Chap!
    May C^3 have great life!
  7. GeneralThrax's Avatar
    Yes! I love it that this community is back Hoorah!
  8. Supaxile's Avatar
    Miss you guys! And cheers!