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So, you wanna be a *insert dream job here*

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Well, it's turning out to be quite the year for me! Been traveling up & down the North Island (In NZ) several times for random road trips...

Wasn't as fun as the States though!

Ahh, I still remember the day I boarded the Greyhound coach, what a fun bus ride that was, 2-1/2 days to travel from Virginia to LA... Wow! 100 hours over layovers (exaggeration), feuds between the front seat passengers and the back seat AND the bus driver!

Any way, planning to go to Asia sometime this year and the States again, hopefully permanently!

I hate planning though, it makes life boring imo...

Any way...
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  1. Zabobula's Avatar
    Graphic Designer for big company/ music producer/ major novel writer/ director of some sort.
  2. Feels Goodman's Avatar
    All I could possibly want to get is infinite money and bitches.
  3. Supaxile's Avatar
    Yes and no... maybe...